As a Community of Faith We Believe…. 

A marriage is a relationship of equality, mutual respect and support committed to growth as individuals and as a couple. 

A marriage is unique and primary among other relationships in terms of intimacy and fidelity. 

A marriage is entered into with the expectation that it be a life-long relationship.

A wedding is a celebration of a public covenant between God, community and the couple.

That when a wedding takes place within our faith community we commit ourselves to pray for and support the couple in their relationship.

 So our Guidelines for Weddings Ceremonies are:

That the Official Board review and approve or decline all requests for weddings.

That one or both of the individuals making the covenant be regular participants in our faith community for at least three months prior to their ceremony or that we are requested by another faith community to act on their behalf. Sponsors may be provided.

That couples take part in appropriate pre-covenanting preparation as determined by the minister, the couple and the Pastoral Care Committee

That while the ceremony itself may vary, the values and beliefs of our community will be respected.

A ceremony that is explicitly Christian.

  • Vows, music and readings which reflect the values described under “Beliefs” opposite.
  • A ceremony that recognizes the equality of both partners (For example, the question “Who gives this woman to be married to this man?” is replaced with “Who gives their blessing to this union?”)
  • No photos during the actual ceremony in order to respect the sacredness of the ceremony.


Currently the minimum requested donation to the ongoing ministry of St. John’s is the lesser of $300 or 10% of the total cost of the Wedding Celebration.

We are an “Affirming Congregation”, which means in part, these beliefs and practices apply to all marriages regardless of sexual orientation.