Memorial Celebrations


If you are reading this you may already be engaged in the process of grieving.  We as a faith community are honoured to support you at this difficult time.

We hope that the information you find here will help you plan a meaningful ceremony to celebrate the life and grieve the loss of your loved one.

Services We May be Able to Offer Include

  • Initial Grief and Trauma Support
  • Memorial/Funeral Worship Service Planning
  • Arranging for musicians and soloists
  • Preparation and copying of a Service Program
  • Completely Accessible Facilities
  • Overflow seating with audio in the lower level
  • Worship Leadership for the Service
  • Hospitality for a light lunch following the Service
  • Pastoral Support during subsequent months


  • Are there particular readings you would like to hear during the ceremony? *
  • Are there particular songs you would like to sing or to hear sung? *
  • Are there special symbols, rituals or symbolic actions that you would like included in the service?
  • Who will be the contact person with our Minister?
  • Who might offer some “Words of Remembrance” (Eulogy)?
  • Would a family member or friend like to read during the ceremony?
  • Would you like a light lunch provided at St. John’s following the service?
  • Will you supply a photo for the bulletin cover?
  • Will there be an interment at the cemetery following the service?

* Songs and reading selections should respect the values of the faith community.

Though we are pleased to assist as much as possible, the following items are not normally arranged by St. John’s Church:

  • Obituary Announcements;
  • Preparing Photo Displays;
  • Placement of Floral Arrangements;
  • Ushering;
  • Gravesite arrangements with the Town;
  • Set up and take down of additional chairs;
  • Video display on the lower level;
  • Distribution of donations and honoraria;
  • Collection of Memorial Cards and Donations;
  • Guest Book

When a Funeral Home is involved you may ask the Funeral Director to arrange for these items.  Otherwise, these are the responsibilities of family and friends.


Funeral and Memorial Ceremonies are free and part of the ministry of our faith community.  We thankfully receive any offering you are able to make. The following may help to determine an appropriate amount for you.


The annual budget of St. John’s is more than $90,000 per year, or about $270 per day.  Memorial/Funeral Services take about two days to plan, prepare and provide.  So our costs are about $540.  Please also consider whether you already support the on-going ministry of the church and your own financial circumstances. Our Minister is paid by the congregation and does not accept honoraria.


The cost of providing the lunch is about $75 (most items are donated by members).  So a separate donation exceeding $75  is appreciated.  A typical amount is $200.  Again, please consider your particular circumstances.


These costs vary.  Honoraria should be given directly to the musician. When a member of our congregation is available to play the piano a typical honorarium is $75.  A similar amount is appropriate if a soloist is provided.  When a musician is required from outside our congregation they generally have a set fee.  You will need to ask them about that.


St. John’s also has a “Memorial Fund”.  Should you wish to direct Memorial Donations to the church contact the church office (229-1031 or for more  information.

The members of St. John’s Church Community extend our sincere sympathies.  Please speak with our minister or leave a message at the church (229-1031)  if you have further questions or if there are other ways we may support you in your time of mourning.