• As a community of faith, we believe the grace of God is for all people.

• Baptism is a Christian Sacrament celebrating that grace.

• It is witnessed by God and the Congregation of God’s people.

• This Sacrament acknowledges that the individual being baptized is a child of God.  The individual becomes a member of the Holy Catholic [Universal] Church, and is welcomed as a full member of the United Church of Canada.

• Baptism is an act of faith, and a covenant between the individual, families and the church community.

• Baptism is a sign of new beginning, and of new life on the journey of faith.


* Baptism shall be presided over by a duly licensed official.

* Water and the “Trinitarian Formula” shall be used.

*  Requests for Baptism will be given advanced approval from the Official Board.

*  Baptism shall take place during regular worship except in extraordinary circumstances.

* In the case of child baptism, one parent must be a member of the United Church of Canada.   Where a parent is not a member of the United Church of Canada, a mentor may be provided by the congregation.

* Parent(s) or Individuals seeking baptism:

- shall profess a belief in Jesus Christ

- shall take part in Baptismal preparation

- are encouraged to actively attend and participate in their local faith community.

* The St. John’s Community will endeavor to involve parent(s) and individuals in the life of St. Johns by:

- being welcoming

- providing Christian Development

- providing sponsors where necessary

* God parents are:

- optional

- expected to support the spiritual nurturing of the child

- where possible, will take part in baptismal preparation

* Baptism for those from other congregations will be celebrated at the request of their home congregation.

(revised August  2015)