Sharing Space at St. John’s

Welcome!  We are pleased to share the blessing of our building with you.

Please note:

This building is a place of community, celebration, grieving, worship and fellowship for children and elders; people of all race, culture, religion, sexual orientation; in various circumstances of wealth or poverty.

  • Please leave the space cleaner and tidier than when you arrived.  It will be a gift to those who follow (cleaning supplies are in the cupboard behind the elevator; brooms/mops in the furnace room)
  • Please take your garbage with you when you go.  Recycling bins are in the parking lot.
  • If something breaks, fix it if you can and let us know if you can’t.
  • A key deposit of $25.00 is required and will be returned when the key comes back.
  • If you are selling food, ensure that Thunder Bay District Health Unit guidelines are met.
  • If you are serving alcohol, ensure that LLBO licensing requirements are met.
  • Sign the waiver/proof of liability document.
  • We do not charge a set fee for using our facility. We depend on your generosity:

St. John’s annual budget is $120 000.00:  about half goes to pay insurance, utilities, heat, cleaning, upgrades and building maintenance.  How much can you contribute to this cost?

Please make a donation appropriate to your financial means; to ways you may already contribute to St John’s financially and to the purpose of your event (i.e. if your event benefits others in need, we would be happy to contribute our space)

  • In lieu of signing the attached waiver, “additional event” insurance can be arranged by paying the $150.00 cost.


I have read the above and agree that St. John’s United Church has taken reasonable steps to ensure a safe space for my event.  If an accident or injury should occur during this event, I will not hold the church responsible.

Type of event:  ____________________________________________

Date and time frame of event:  _______________________________